A post with figures and video

— 2 minute read

A post to demonstrate how a blog post looks on Hylia. Content is all set in the “Body” field as markdown and Eleventy transforms it into a proper HTML post. You can also edit the markdown file directly if you prefer not to use the CMS.

If you want to make an image bleed-out, add a title attribute to it and the front-end will automatically wrap it in a <figure> tag for you.

The top of a grey concrete building with a blue sky in the background
Brutalism at its finest. Photo by Artificial Photography on Unsplash.

You can also add videos to posts from YouTube or Vimeo (or wherever, really) and the front-end will also make those bleed-out for you too.

Finally, how about a <blockquote>?

Quotes will take a slightly different style to normal body text and look fancy.

Person holds up a photograph of a riverside and buildings with the same river as a backdrop
Remember, if you want a figure and caption, add a 'title' attribute to image in the body field — Photo by Kharytonova Antonina on Unsplash.

Hopefully, this has demonstrated how simple it is to make a nice looking blog with Hylia.